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Weight Loss Program

Your weight loss program should also optimize your health. Ours does – measurably!
We’re really different.
$139 Per Month

$139/month (weight loss plan, coaching, education and inspiration), plus:

(included in the program), plus
Your choice (prices vary starting at $190/month – see below):
We will send you the HealthyID Weight Loss  Panel test kit at the beginning of your program, at no cost to you ($169 value). Then, we will send you another HealthyID Weight Loss Lab test kit, at no cost to you, at the beginning of the sixth month of your program (additional $169 value), to measure the improvements to your health, as you lose weight. We do this because the HealthyID Weight Loss program optimizes your health and we want you to see your progress, so you are encouraged to continue your weight loss journey!

*You may cancel the program at any time (in 30 day program increments)

How the HealthyID Weight Loss Program is Different

Our comprehensive weight loss program provides clinically proven medications, and includes access to board-certified physicians, coaches (with expertise in behavior modification), education, at-home health tests (at the beginning of the sixth month of your program additional $169 value, to see measurable improvements in your health), a support community, and a science-backed food plan to optimize your health as you lose weight.

What it Is.

HealthyID supports individuals seeking medication-based weight loss treatment, with board certified physicians and several important support tools to help you achieve your weight loss goals, while also optimizing your health – to achieve sustainable weight loss and measurable improvements in your health.

The HealthyID Weight Loss Program is unique because
we prioritize HEALTHY weight loss
and provide you with all of the tools needed for you to achieve success.

Board-Certified Physicians

Many programs offer “clinicians” that are not necessarily physicians. HealthyID works exclusively with board-certified physicians.


We offer both branded and compounded medications (lower cost). The compounded medications that we offer are all made in State Board of Pharmacy licensed sterile pharmacies, or FDA-licensed 503(b) outsourcing facilities.


Our Coaches (with expertise in behavior modification) support you on your weight loss journey with 1:1 coaching sessions, every month, to drive behavior modification for sustainable weight loss success, and inspire a “can-do” mindset.

At-Home Health (Lab) Tests

We provide, at no cost to you, the HealthyID Weight Loss Test Panel (an at-home health test valued at $169 each) at the beginning of the sixth month of your program (additional $169 value), to reveal measurable improvements in your health. We will send you the test kit and you simply return your sample to the lab in the pre-addressed postage paid envelope provided in your test kit. You will receive your test results in 3-5 business days from when the lab receives your sample.

HealthyID Online Community

This community is provided to connect you with others who are on this journey with you – to share tips, recipes and to support your success. 

HealthyID’s Video Series: "Intentional Health: 10-Steps to Optimizing Your Health While Losing Weight.

This online on-demand education series provides you with the knowledge and motivation to create sustainable weight loss and achieve optimal health.   

What it Isn’t.

No gimmicks. No fads.

A lot of popular weight loss programs tell you that you can eat anything you want and lose weight. Well, that isn’t totally true. Yes, you will lose weight while on the medication because your appetite will be greatly reduced; however, 

if you eat unhealthy foods throughout your weight loss journey,   

you could harm your health and lose critical muscle mass.

Then, when you go off the medication, you will regain all the weigh. And with the reduced muscle mass, it will be even harder to lose weight. Even worse, eating an unhealthy diet will leave you in very poor health. It’s not about giving up the foods you love. It’s about learning to live with balance.

No expensive pre-packaged foods.

Most pre-packaged foods, offered by some weight loss programs, should be avoided. The additives, preservatives, and other chemicals in many of these products do not support good health. 

No complicated point system or calorie counting.

Instead, we provide you with a simple to follow food plan, with delicious foods that help you lose weight while supporting your health.

No hidden costs.

We are transparent about the cost of our program. We provide you with options for your medications to help you manage the total cost of your program.

It’s important to note that we don’t charge you to start our weight loss program unless you qualify for the medication.

Together, let’s go from Impossible to I’mPossbile!

How it Works

You pay nothing unless you qualify for the medication.

Take our 3 Minute Online Quiz.

Complete a brief online form to determine if you qualify for the weight loss medications. If you qualify for the medications, you will begin the program immediately.

We will connect you with a Board-Certified Physician

He/she will review your health history and define your best treatment plan.

Receive your Medication and HealthyID Weight Loss Food Plan

Our physicians will prescribe your medications that will be shipped to your door, and we will send you your food plan, and other tools to support you on your weight loss journey.

We will connect you with your Coach

Your HealthyID Coach will be with you every step of the way, to support you on your weight loss journey.


Do I qualify for the HealthyID Weight Loss Program?

You must reside in the U.S., Washinton DC, or Guam, and you must be 18 or older.

Take our quiz (at no cost) to learn if you qualify medically for weight loss medications. You pay nothing unless you qualify for the weight loss medication. For example, you qualify if you have a BMI of 30 or greater, or, a BMI of 27 or greater with a chronic illness (such as pre-diabetes), and, if you don’t have a history of certain health conditions, including medullary thyroid carcinoma (a certain type of thyroid tumor), pancreatitis, acute kidney injury or acute gallbladder disease). And all FDA-approved anti-obesity medications are contraindicated in women who are breastfeeding, pregnant or trying for pregnancy.

The weight loss medications offered by HealthyID affect the part of your brain that controls appetite to increase feelings of fullness and satiety which ultimately leads to a reduction in food intake. Ozempic® and Wegovy® contain the active ingredient semaglutide. Semaglutide targets the GLP-1 hormone that your body produces after eating; whereas the active ingredient in Zepbound® and Mounjaro®, tirzepatide, targets GLP-1 and another hormone, GIP. Studies have found that tirzepatide can be more effective for weight loss as it targets more than one of these appetite receptors.

These medications slow down the rate at which food moves from the stomach to the intestines. This delay in gastric emptying can also contribute to a person feeling full longer, thus further reducing the overall amount of food a person eats.

Because these medications cause you to feel full and eat less food, you are going to eat less calories as a result which can lead to weight loss.

These medications can also have metabolic effects that influence your body’s use of glucose and fat. By reducing the production of glucose by your liver and enhancing your sensitivity to insulin, you’ll likely experience improved glycemic control and weight loss.

The FDA recently approved the use of Wegovy to reduce the risk of cardiovascular death, heart attack, and stroke in adults with heart disease with obesity or overweight. 

We do not accept insurance; however, you may wish to reach out to your insurance provider to learn if they cover weight loss medications. Some insurance companies require prior authorization for certain medications. If your insurance company will cover the medication, you can submit a claim for reimbursement.

If you do not have insurance, or if your insurance does not cover weight loss medications, you may wish to consider compounded semaglutide or compounded tirzepatide, which are much lower in cost than the branded medications.

The HealthyID Weight Loss program, and medications, are available in all 50 states. While the branded weight loss medications are available in all 50 states, compounded medications are not available in CA, AL, LA, WV, NC or AR . We do not ship outside of the United States at this time.

We take your privacy and the security of your information very seriously. The HealthyID platform is designed to comply with all applicable privacy laws and we have implemented a variety of technical and organizational security measures to protect your information against unauthorized disclosure or access.

Please read our Privacy Policy for more details about how we collect, use, and protect your data.

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