Inflammation causes pain, and
nearly all Chronic Illnesses start with Inflammation
(diabetes, cancer, heart disease, liver disease, arthritis, etc.).
Inflammation kills…but you can prevent/reverse it!

What is YOUR Inflammation level?

America is a very sick nation

…and we are getting sicker

Why? Our diets focus on fast food, processed food, and sugary beverages. We don’t move enough. We are living in a high stress world. We aren’t sleeping well. The amount of environmental toxins we are exposed to are increasing daily.

…and it’s killing us

Clinical studies reveal that Chronic Illnesses start in
Chronic Inflammation, and 
Most Chronic Illnesses are preventable and reversible
with changes in diet and lifestyle.


Do You Know What YOUR Inflammation Level is?

Now you can!

The HealthyID Inflammation Test
is an easy test you can do at home.

No going to a clinic. No going to a lab.

Within 48 hours of receipt of your specimen, you will have your “HealthyID Inflammation Score”,
an easy-to-understand number between 1 and 100.
It’s a powerful tool to track your progress as you
work to make changes in your diet and lifestyle to
take back your health!

You simply drop your specimen in the mail for processing.

Are you ready to TRANSFORM your health?

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